Tea And Coffee Leaf Collection ERP Solution


        Imagic Solution Provide Easy to Use solution For Tea / Coffee Leaf Collection ERP system, Its widely use in leaf collection on Remote Area in tea farm, its QR code Based Solution and manage easy to daily Bases tea leaf from various different farm.

        This Solution is Used in Various fields like tea Leaf collection, coffee leaf collection, milk collection, Banana collection from field and other agriculture product, also this solution is designed custom made solution as per customer requirement on field.

This Solution Include :

  • Bluetooth Hanging Scale
  • RFID Card Integrate
  • Thermal Printer with Battery Backup with Wireless/ Bluetooth
  • QR Code Generate for etch farmer and provide unique identity
  • An Industrial grade Android Tablet, Rugged Hand-held PDA computer Or Any Android based Instrument
  • A Mobile Printer (TVS thermal printer with battery backup)
  • Application Software for PDA/tablet/mobile device as well as for Server online internet based live data storage

Solution Key Feature :

  • QR Code and RFID Card Make unique Identity for each farmer and supplier
  • On collection time avoid manual mistake by product collector
  • Avoid mall function on weight capturing on site
  • Automatic product supplier selection based on QR code and capture live weight from hanging wireless scale and update online
  • Generate goods receipt on immediate on save weight time and provide to supplier /farmer
  • All the equipment are battery operated so no need electricity power on site
  • All the equipment are rugged and IP54 and outdoor operation
  • Live Data Transfer to Online server so no need to Loss data after collection on hardware damage
  • Integrated and Affiliated with SAGE ERP and other ERP
  • Login-Screen-for-Web-Reporting
  • Menu-for-Web-Reporting
  • Report-Filter-Web-Reporting
  • User-Creation-For-Web-Reporting
  • tea farmer App Login
  • tea farmer App Login screen
  • tea farmer - Search customer
  • tea farmer - Customer code
  • tea farmer customer detail
  • tea farmer - live weighing capture
  • tea farmer - multi weight
  • tea, coffee farmer android app
  • tea farmer integrate with erp
  • tea farmer store offline weighing data
  • tea farmer reports
  • tea farmer upload data on erp